FREE Permanent Weight Loss Hypnosis
Take back control of your body and mind with this FREE 20-minute hypnosis session. Listen to the MP3 audio on any device, anywhere, as many times as you want.
Drop the extra weight becoming leaner, stronger, and healthier
This FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis Session Will Help You…
  • Become emotionally and mentally stronger
  • Change your destructive patterns of eating
  • Establish new healthier patterns of eating
  • Eat less, feel fuller, and be more satisfied
  • Permanently maintain the perfect healthy weight for your body
  • Move from stress to calm
  • Truly love yourself and your body again
Peter is a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. He trained at the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe in 2006, as well as the NLP Center in New York City. For 15 years, he's provided 1-to-1 sessions to his clients in-person and via video link.

He's the author of the business book: Becoming the Customer and the upcoming book: Healing The Wounds of Time, and over 10,000,000+ views/listens to his hypnosis sessions. 

It’s Peter’s calling to help you access your inner-magnificence and break through your longstanding mental & emotional barriers to realize your dreams.
About Peter McLaughlin, CHt
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*Be sure to check with your physician before embarking upon any weight loss program. Do not use this hypnosis program while you are driving or operating potentially dangerous equipment.